Journal Volume: 43      No.: 3     Year: 1991
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1 Regression Post Mortem
Author: Sujit Kumar Mitra      Pages: 202-210
2 Food and Nutrition: Challenges for Policy
Author: R. Radhakrishna      Pages: 212-226
3 Abstracts of Papers Vol 43 (03)
Author:       Pages: 229-252
4 Proceedings of Symposium on "Return to investment in Animal Husbandry Components of Rural Development Programme'
Author:       Pages: 254-262
5 Symposium on 'Natural Selection for evolution of Quantitative Characters'
Author:       Pages: 264-270
6 Report on Session of 'Statistical Computing'
Author:       Pages: 272-274
7 Review of the Activities of the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics for the year 1991
Author:       Pages: 276-281
8 On Sampling Over Two Occasions using Varying Probabilities
Author: Raghunath Arnab      Pages: 282-290
9 Construction of Second Order Slope Rotatable Designs Through a Pair of Incomplete Block Designs
Author: B.Re. Victor Babu and V.L. Narasimham      Pages: 291-295
10 Analysis and Connectedness of Four Dimensional Designs
Author: Vijay Katyal and Satyabrata Pal      Pages: 296-309
11 Analysis of RBD with Missing Observations
Author: Sheela S. Deo      Pages: 310-320
12 Estimation of Population Mean in the Presence of Parabolic Trend
Author: S. Sampath and K. Suresh Chandra      Pages: 321-328
13 Statistical Evaluation of Development on Socio-Economic Front
Author: P. Narain, S.C. Rai and Shanti Sarup      Pages: 329-339