Journal Volume: 43      No.: 2     Year: 1991
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1 Missing Observations in Multivariate Analysis
Author: B.R. Murty and Walter T. Federer      Pages: 107-126
2 Class of Almost Unbiased Dual to Product Estimators in Sample Surveys
Author: K.S. Kushwaha      Pages: 127-135
3 Sampling from Two Dimensional Populations
Author: R.K. Mahajan and A.K. Srivastava      Pages: 136-147
4 A Methodology for Measuring Income Stability and Application
Author: Murari Singh and Rajendra P. Singh      Pages: 148-157
5 Admissible Correlation Estimator of Heritability
Author: Davendra Verma and J.P. Jain      Pages: 158-162
6 On Performance of Minimax Second-Order Slope-Estimating Designs under Variations of the Model
Author: S. Huda       Pages: 163-171
7 Five Factor Central Composite Designs Robust to a Missing Observation
Author: M. Akhtar      Pages: 172-185
8 On Testing the Statistical Significance of Indices of Poverty: Some Results
Author: Sangeeta Arora, A.C. Julka and O.P. Bagai      Pages: 186-195