Journal Volume: 43      No.: 1     Year: 1991
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1 On the Analysis of Balanced Incomplete Multi Response Designs
Author: R.K. Mitra and G.M. Saha      Pages: 1-8
2 Monotonic Approximation: The Concept and Application to Soil Science
Author: H.S. Acharya      Pages: 9-15
3 Variance Estimation through the Mean Square Successive Differences and Sample Variance using Apriori Information
Author: Housila P. Singh and Narain P. Katyar      Pages: 16-29
4 Preliminary Test Shrinkage Estimator based on MMSE Estimator of Average Life in Exponential Distribution
Author: S.K. Gupta, V.P. Gupta and S.K. Saxena      Pages: 30-39
5 Further Remarks on Sequential Point Estimation of Regression Parameters
Author: Anoop Chaturvedi and Ajit Chaturvedi      Pages: 30-39
6 Estimation of Population Variance in the Presence of Large True Observations
Author:       Pages: 49-58
7 On Minimum Variance linear Unbiased Estimation in T-Classes
Author: N.K. Bhargava, B.D. Tikkiwal and G.C. Tikkiwal      Pages: 59-70
8 Some New Latin Square Type PBIB Designs
Author: M.K. Singh and K. Sinha      Pages: 71-73
9 Probability of Negative Estimates of Heritability in One-Way Unbalanced Random Model
Author: B. Singh      Pages: 74 - 80
10 Issues and Themes in Growth of Fertilizer use in India: An Agenda for Further Research and Future Policies
Author: Gunvant M. Desai      Pages: 81-102