Journal Volume: 42      No.: 2     Year: 1990
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1 A Study of Second Order Approximation for Some Product Type Estimators
Author: P.C. Gupta and N.H. Kothwala      Pages: 171-185
2 An Estimator of Finite Population Variance
Author: Sarjinder Singh and Poonam Kataria      Pages: 186-188
3 Partially Balanced Incomplete Block Designs ith Three Replicates
Author: Yashbir Singh and Mahendra Pratap      Pages: 201-205
4 Sampling Schemes Providing Unbiased General Regression Estimators
Author: Padam Singh and H.V.L. Bathla      Pages: 206-217
5 Milk Production Functions and Resource Productivity in Bovine
Author: S.B. Agarwal, R.K. Patel and K.N.S. Sharma      Pages: 218-225
6 A Note on Resolvable BIB Designs
Author: J. Subramani      Pages: 226-233
7 A Note on the Estimation of Variance of Intra-Sire Regression Heritability
Author: V.T. Prabhakaran, J.P. Jain and P.M. Ramesan      Pages: 234-238
8 A New Class of Rectangular Designs
Author: Kalyan Kumar Goswami, Anurup Mazumder and Satyabrata Pal      Pages: 234-238
9 On an Alternative Derivation of the Moments of A-Optimal Second Order Designs for Regression on Cubes
Author: S. Huda      Pages: 234-238
10 A Note on Construction of Graeco-Latin Square of Order 2n + 1
Author: Ashish Das and A. Dey      Pages: 247-249
11 Estimating Location and Scale Parameters Asymmetric Distribution by Systematic Statistics
Author: P. Yagen Thomas      Pages: 247-249
12 Announcement Vol 42 (02)
Author:       Pages: 2
13 Hindi Supplement Vol 42 (02)
Author:       Pages: 9