Journal Volume: 41      No.: 3     Year: 1989
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1 Biometry in Frontier Sciences
Author: B.R. Murty      Pages: 239-256
2 Model-Building of Crop-Rotation Data with Autoregressive Error Structure
Author: G.R. Maruthi Sankar, B.R.C. Prasada Rao and K.C.K. Reddy      Pages: 257-265
3 On the Two Phase Modified Ratio Estimator using the Coefficient of Variation of Auxiliary Characteristic
Author: B.N. Pandey and Vyas Dubey      Pages: 266-270
4 Model Specification for Regression Analysis in the Presence of Outliers
Author: Suruchi Jena      Pages: 271-378
5 Analysis of LSD with Missing Value
Author: Sheela S. Deo      Pages: 279-282
6 A Note on JIPS Estimators of Ghosh and Gomez
Author: S. Sampath      Pages: 283-387
7 Methodology for Determining Experimental Plot Size for Intercropping Experiments
Author: C.K. Ramanatha Chetty and M. Narayana Reddy      Pages: 288-299
8 Sequential Procedures for Estimating the Mean of an Inverse Gaussian Distribution
Author: R. Karan Singh and Ajit Chaturvedi      Pages: 300-308
9 A Note on Constructing Balanced Incomplete Block Designs
Author: J. Subramani      Pages: 309-312
10 A Method of Construction of PBIB Designs
Author: Kishore Sinha      Pages: 313-315
11 A Note on Narain's Necessary Condition in Sampling
Author: J.N.K. Rao      Pages: 316-317
12 Hindi Supplement Vol 41 (03)
Author:       Pages: 7