Journal Volume: 41      No.: 2     Year: 1989
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1 Estimation from Incomplete Data in a Two-Stage Sampling Design for Study of Two Characters
Author: Randhir Singh      Pages: 149-156
2 A Computer Programme for Analysing Two-Level Diallel Experiments with Parents Included
Author: A.S. Arya      Pages: 149-156
3 Some Bounds on the Number of Blocks in BIB Designs
Author: D.V.S. Sastry      Pages: 161-165
4 On the Optimal Choice of Unknown in Ratio-Type Estimators
Author: S. Sampath      Pages: 166-172
5 On the Estimation of Mean when Population Variance is Known
Author: Poonam Kataria and Sukhminder Singh      Pages: 173-175
6 On Power Function of a Conditionally Specified Test Procedure in an Unbalanced Random Effects Model
Author: J. Ravichandran and C.V. Rao      Pages: 176-192
7 Class of Almost Unbiased Ratio and Product Estimators in Systematic Sampling
Author: K.S. Kushwaha and H.P. Singh      Pages: 193-205
8 Power Comparisons of the Student T-Test and Two Approximations when Variances and Sample Sizes re Unequal
Author: Donald W. Zimmerman and Richard H. Williams      Pages: 206-217
9 Symposium on 'statistical Techniques in Plantation Crops'
Author:       Pages: 218-224
10 Symposium on 'Data Base Needs for Environmental Planning'
Author:       Pages: 225-234
11 Hindi Supplement Vol 41 (02)
Author:       Pages: 6