Journal Volume: 40      No.: 2     Year: 1988
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1 Sampling from Two-Dimensional Populations Spread Over Space and Time
Author: D.L. Ahuja and A.K. Srivastava      Pages: 83-95
2 An Improved Class of Estimators of Population Mean using Auxiliary Information
Author: Housila P. Singh      Pages: 96-104
3 On Optimum Sample Size with Constraints on Precisions of Stratum Estimates
Author: Shambhu Dayal and Rajesh Kumar      Pages: 105-110
4 On a Modified Sequential Procedure to Construct Confidence Regions for Regression Parameters
Author: Ajit Chaturvedi      Pages: 111-115
5 Factors Affecting the Expenditure on Milk and Milk Products in Haryana State
Author: D.K. Jain and R.K. Patel      Pages: 116-120
6 Improved Estimators of K and B in Finite Populations
Author: Sukhminder Singh and Sarjinder Singh      Pages: 121-126
7 A Generalized Class of Estimators for Common Parameters of Two Normal Distributions with Known Coefficient of Variation
Author: Housila P. Singh and N.P. Katyar      Pages: 121-126
8 A Note on Equireplicate Balanced Block Designs from BIB Designs
Author: Kishore Sinha      Pages: 150-153
9 Approximation of First Two Moments and Sampling Distribution of Gini's Coefficient
Author: Murari Singh and Rajendra P. Singh      Pages: 154-163
10 An Approximate Method for Assessing Multivariate Normality
Author: U.C. Jaiswal      Pages: 164-168
11 Book Review Vol 40 (02)
Author:       Pages: 169-171
12 Announcement Vol 40 (02)
Author:       Pages: 1
13 News and Notes Vol 40 (02)
Author:       Pages: 1
14 A Short Note on the Variance of the Truncated Distribution with an Application
Author: Ravindra Khattree and Y.Q. Yin      Pages: 185-190