Journal Volume: 39      No.: 2     Year: 1987
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1 Teaching of Statistics and Statistical Consulting
Author: Jagdish S. Rustagi      Pages: 107-120
2 On Certain Alternative IPNS Schemes
Author: Arijit Chaudhuri and Arun Kumar Adhikary      Pages: 121-126
3 Methods of Construction of Proper Balanced Ternary Designs
Author: V. Malika and P.U. Surendran      Pages: 127-134
4 PBIB Designs for Two Sets of Inbred Lines
Author: Ranjit Singh and K.R. Aggarwal      Pages: 135-147
5 A Non-Parametric Approach to ANOVA
Author: D.V. Subba Rao and M. Subramanyam      Pages: 148-153
6 Minimax Central Composite Designs to Estimate the Slope of a Second-Order Response Surface
Author: S. Huda      Pages: 154-160
7 Characterization and Construction of Incomplete Block Designs for Symmetrical Parallel Line Assays
Author: V.K. Gupta, A.K. Nigam and P.D. Puri      Pages: 161-166
8 Optimal Level of Significance for a Conditionally Specified Estimator
Author: S.K. Saxena and V.P. Gupta      Pages: 167-170
9 A Note on Estimating the Mean of Symmetrical Populations
Author: Housila Prasad Singh      Pages: 171-180
10 Robustness of Some Ratio-type Estimators under Super-Population Model
Author: Raju Singh, B.V. S. Sisodia and R. B. Singh      Pages: . 181-190
11 On Double Sampling for Stratification and use of Auxiliary Information
Author: Abel F. Ige and T.P. Tripathi      Pages: 191-201
12 A Note on Construction of BIB Designs
Author: B.K. Samanta      Pages: 202-204
13 Bayes Discriminatory Analysis in Culling Dairy Cows for Breeding
Author: V.K. Bhatia, Mahesh Kumar, P.K. Malhotra and Prem Narain      Pages: 205-215
14 Hindi Supplement Vol 39 (02)
Author:       Pages: 7