Journal Volume: 39      No.: 1     Year: 1987
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1 Confidence Intervals on Functions of Components of Variance in Samples from Moderate Non-normal Populations
Author: R.A. Singhal      Pages: 1-8
2 एक अप्राप्य उपचार वाली लैटिन वर्ग अभिकल्प
Author: सुखपाल सिंह एवं महेंद्र प्रताप      Pages: 9-12
3 A Note on Balanced Row and Column Designs
Author: A.K. Nigam      Pages: 13-16
4 Kronecker Product and Construction of Balanced N-Ary Designs
Author: K.S. Sujatha and P.U. Surendran      Pages: 17-21
5 Parent-offspring Correlations under Half-SIB-Mating System Sex-Linked Gene Case (Genetic Correlations)
Author: R. Shailaja and K.C. George      Pages: 22-33
6 Ratio Estimator with Post Stratification Design Involving Double Sampling Approach
Author: A.S. Sethi      Pages: 34-48
7 Distribution of Missing Plants and its Effect on the Neighbouring Plants
Author: M.K. Jagannath and M.N. Venkataramu      Pages: 49-54
8 Construction of Index of Adoption Rate of Improved Agricultural Technology
Author: S.K. Raheja, P.C. Mehrotra and K.K. Tyagi      Pages: 55-64
9 Multi-Character Sensory Evaluation in Paired Comparisons
Author: S.C. Rai      Pages: 65-71
10 Symposium on 'Yield Gap Analysis'
Author:       Pages: 72-79
11 Proceeding of the Symposium on 'Planning for Employment in Agriculture'
Author:       Pages: 72-79
12 Hindi Supplement Vol 39 (01)
Author:       Pages: 4