Journal Volume: 38      No.: 3     Year: 1986
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1 Foodgrains Production under Irrigated Conditions - Some Reflections
Author: A.B. Joshi      Pages: 249-254
2 On Biomass Budgets
Author: Madhav Gadgil      Pages: 255-26S
3 Role of Standardization in the Agricultural Development of India
Author: B.N. Singh      Pages: 269-280
4 Abstracts of Papers Vol 38 (03)
Author:       Pages: 281-339
5 Review of the Activities of the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics Vol 38 (03)
Author:       Pages: 340-345
6 The Generalized Logarithmic Series Distribution with Zeroes
Author: P.N. Jani      Pages: 345-351
7 Optimum Allocation for Cluster Sampling on Two Occasions
Author: R.R. Chandak and O.P. Kathuria      Pages: 352-362
8 The Value of Blood Group Information in Predicting Breeding Value of Quantitative Traits in Dairy Cattle and Buffaloes
Author: H. P. Singh, P. Narain and J. P. Jain      Pages: 363-369
9 Robustness of Hartley's Estimator for Multiple Frame Surveys
Author: B.C. Saxena, P. Narain and A.K. Srivastava      Pages: 363-369
10 On a Class of Unbiased Estimators using Multi-Auxiliary Information
Author: L.N. Sahoo      Pages: 379-382
11 A Note on the Efficiency of a Product-Type Estimator under a Super-Population Model
Author: L.N. Sahoo      Pages: 383-387
12 A Statistical Study of Schultziam Thesis Concerning Misallocation of Resources in Traditional and Non-Traditional Agriculture - A Supplement
Author: R.N. Soni and O.P. Bagai      Pages: 388-394
13 Sequential Estimation of a Linear Function of k-Normal Means
Author: Ramkaran, Ajit Chaturvedi and S.A. Akbar      Pages: 395-402
14 On the use of Population Variance in Estimating Mean
Author: Sharad Bhatnagar      Pages: 403-409
15 A Study of Gene Action in Cross-Bred Cattle
Author: B.S. Sharma and P. Narain      Pages: 410-416
16 A Note on Concomitants of Order Statistics
Author: Vishnu D. Jha and Mosaheb Gholam Hossein      Pages: 417-420
17 Report of the Research Activities of the Society
Author:       Pages: 421-428
18 Audited Accounts of the Society
Author:       Pages: 429-437
19 News and Notes Vol 38 (03)
Author:       Pages: 1