Journal Volume: 38      No.: 2     Year: 1986
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1 On the Analysis of 3-way Classification with Unequal Cell Frequencies
Author: B. Singh      Pages: 133-140
2 A Note on Two Factor Mixture Experiments
Author: Rakesh Kumari and S. P. Mittal      Pages: 133-140-
3 A Simple Method of Construction of Partially Variance Balanced Block Designs
Author: S. S. Chaudhary      Pages: 148-152
4 A Sampling Scheme with Inclusion Probability Proportional to Size using PPS Systematic Sampling
Author: Ranjana Agrawal and Padam Singh      Pages: 153-160
5 On Screening of Regression Models for Selection of Optimal Variable Subsets
Author: G.R. Maruthi Sankar      Pages: 161-168
6 Comparison of Three General Bounds on the number of Mutually Disjoint Blocks in Incomplete Block Designs
Author: Sanpei Kageyama      Pages: 169-172
7 The Effect of Household Composition on Consumption Pattern of Milk and Milk Products
Author: Bhupal Singh, P. Kumar and R. K. Patel      Pages: 173-179
8 On the Confidence Interval for Group Variance Component in One Way Unbalanced Random Effect Model
Author: B. Singh      Pages: 180-186
9 Some Improved Bounds on the number of Blocks in BIB Designs
Author: Sanpei Kageyama, S.M. Shah and C.C. Gujarathi      Pages: 187-192
10 Measurement Error in Sequential Test for the Normal Mean
Author: H. R. Singh and Gauri Shankar      Pages: 193-199
11 Comparison of Ratio Estimators based on Interpenetrating Subsamples with or without Jackknifing
Author: Subir Ghosh and Roberto Gomez      Pages: 200-210
12 An Approach to Crop Planning through Moisture Availability Analysis in Dryland Areas
Author: P. N. Bhargava and Asha Saksena      Pages: 211-217
13 Unbiasedness and Least Absolute Error Estimation
Author: S.P. Mukherjee and U. Dasgupta      Pages: 218-222
14 Trend Studies of the Livestock Population vis-a-vis Human Population in India
Author: R. Srivastava, A.K. Ray and Gordhan Singh      Pages: 223-229
15 Comparison of some Estimators of K and B in Finite Populations
Author: S.K. Srivastava, H.S. Jhajj and M.K. Sharma      Pages: 230-236
16 A Comparison of Estimators of Total Lactation Yield
Author: S.B. Agarwal, K.C. Bhatnagar and Bhupal Singh      Pages: 230-236
17 A Palm Probabilistic Technique on the Estimation of the Expected Time to Failure at a Specified Shock based on the Data of Earlier Shocks
Author: Suddhendu Biswas and Gurprit Nair      Pages: 240-248
18 Announcement on the 40th Annual Conference
Author:       Pages: 4
19 Hindi Supplement Vol 38 (02)
Author:       Pages: 9