Journal Volume: 37      No.: 3     Year: 1985
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1 On Generalized Logarithmic Series Distribution
Author: Amarendra Mishra and Damodar Tiwary      Pages: 219-225
2 A Note on Estimation of Amount of Information in Normal Samples
Author: Amarendra Mishra      Pages: 226-230
3 Some Remarks on Padam Singh's Sampling Method
Author: M. N. Deshpande      Pages: 231-233
4 Admissibility of Test Procedures based on Two Preliminary Tests for the Analysis of Group of Experiments
Author: R.C. Gupta and V.P. Gupta      Pages: 234-243
5 Paired and Triad Comparisons in Sensory Evaluation
Author: S.C. Rai      Pages: 244-251
6 Incomplete Block Designs Through Symmetrical Factorials
Author: R.C. Jain and M.N. Das      Pages: 252-260
7 On the Efficiencies of Unbiased Regression and Regression-Type Estimators in Finite Populations
Author: Arijit Chaudhuri and Arun Kumar Adhikary      Pages: 261-270
8 On the Multivariate Analogue of Sequential Simultaneous Estimation Problem
Author: Ajit Chaturvedi      Pages: 271-275
9 A Sequential Method for Construction of a Class of BIB Designs
Author: V.P.N. Singh      Pages: 276-279
10 Abstracts of Papre's
Author:       Pages: 381-331
11 Hindi Supplement Vol.(37) issue(3)
Author:       Pages: 5