Journal Volume: 35      No.: 2     Year: 1983
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1 Extended m-Triangular Designs and their Application as Three Factor Mating Designs
Author: S.L. Singla      Pages: 1-14
2 A Statistical Study of Schultzian Thesis Concerning Misallocation Resources in Traditional and Nontraditional Agriculture
Author: R.N. Soni and O.P. Bagai      Pages: 15-29
3 Efficient Estimation of Common Parameter of Two Normal Populations with Known Coefficients of Variation
Author: Ashok Sahai, Govind Prasad and Sunita Rani      Pages: 30-35
4 Construction of Second Order Rotatable Designs through a Pair of Balanced Incomplete Block Designs
Author: V.L. Narasimham, P. Ramachandra Rao and K.N. Rao      Pages: 36-40
5 General Binary Partially Balanced Block Designs
Author: Muhammad Shafiq and Walter T. Federer      Pages: 41-55
6 Approximate Power of Test Procedures based on Two Preliminary Tests in the Mixed Model
Author: B.L. Agarwal and V.P. Gupta      Pages: 56-68
7 Use of Eye Estimate and Rainfall Variables for Preharvest Forecasting of Groundnut Yield in Gujarat
Author: T. J. Khatri and R. M. Patel      Pages: 69-78
8 A Methodological Study on Estimation of Straw to Grain Ratio in Wheat Crop
Author: S.K. Raheja P.C. Mehrotra and D.L. Ahuja      Pages: 79-88
9 Effect of Non-Normality on the Estimation of Functions of Variance Components
Author: R.A. Singhal      Pages: 89-98
10 Appraisal of Dairy Calf Mortality
Author: B.V.S. Sisodia, V.K. Dwivedi and Satish Kumar      Pages: 99-108
11 Comparison of Shrunken Estimators of the Scale Parameter of an Exponential Density Function towards an Interval
Author: B.N. Pandey and K.N. Singh      Pages: 109-120
12 New Light on Transformations Involving Correlations
Author: M. Sankaran      Pages: 121-128
13 Use of Regression Approach in the Analysis of Genotype Environmental Interaction
Author: G.K. Shukla      Pages: 129-138
14 Comparison of Two Methods (EPA and Multiple Linear Regression) of Life Time Production on the basis of Earlier Lactation Performance Records in Tharparkar Cattle
Author: R.K. Patel and M. Gurnani      Pages: 139-147
15 A Note on use and Limitation of Fan Design
Author: N.M. Patel and R.M. Patel      Pages: 148-153
16 A Note on an Index of Utility of Mixed Cropping and Allocation of such areas under Separate Crops : A Comment
Author: D.T. Bharambe      Pages: 154-159
17 A Note on Estimation in Double Sampling
Author: R. Karan Singh      Pages: 160-161
18 Abstracts of Papers Vol 35 (02)
Author:       Pages: 162-217
19 News and Notes Vol 35 (02)
Author:       Pages: 1
20 Hindi Supplement Vol 35 (02)
Author:       Pages: 8