Journal Volume: 34      No.: 3     Year: 1982
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1 Estimating the Generalized Negative Binomial Distribution
Author: P.N. Jani and S.M. Shah      Pages: 1-8
2 Sample Size and its Optimum Allocation with Constraints on Precision of Stratum Estimate - An Extension of Neyman's Method
Author: Shambhu Dayal      Pages: 9-20
3 Distribution of Certain Statistics Expressible as Product of Independent Chi-Squares - A Review
Author: O.P. Bagai and Sadhana Tiwari      Pages: 21-32
4 Stochastic Models for Structure of Breeding Dairy Population
Author: J.P. Jain      Pages: 33-41
5 An Alternative Approach to Asymptotic Expansion of the Distribution of the Likelihood-Ratio Criterion
Author: Sadhana Tiwari and O.P. Bagai      Pages: 42-47
6 On a Model for Rank Analysis in Paired Comparisons
Author: S.C. Rai      Pages: 48-60
7 On a Model useful for Approximating Fertilizer-Response Relationships
Author: V.K. Gupta and A.K. Nigam      Pages: 61-74
8 A Note on Sensitivity of the ANOVA Tests when Observations are subject to Measurement Error
Author: S. Kakoty      Pages: 75-78
9 A Note on the Estimation of Mean of a Symmetrical Population
Author: S.R. Srivastava and Banarasi      Pages: 79-81
10 A Note on Estimation of Variance in Exponential Density
Author: V.P. Ojha      Pages: 82-88
11 Abstracts of Papers presented Vol 34 (03)
Author:       Pages: 89-138
12 Hindi Supplement Vol 34 (03)
Author:       Pages: 7