Journal Volume: 34      No.: 2     Year: 1982
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1 Estimation of Population Ratio on Two Occasions
Author: Ajit Kumar Das      Pages: 1-9
2 Sequential Sampling of Non-Over Lapping Clusters-Clustering after Selection
Author: G.C. Chawla and M. Rajagopalan      Pages: 10-17
3 A Probability Distribution for the Number of Births and its Application
Author: S.N. Singh and I.J. Singh      Pages: 18-25
4 On the Relative Efficiencies of Several Strategies for Estimating a Finite Population Mean
Author: Arijit Chaudhuri and Arun Kumar Adhikary      Pages: 26-34
5 A Method for Analysis of Response Curve
Author: D.S. Tonk and Umed Singh      Pages: 35-47
6 On Some Unbiased Product Type Strategies
Author: P.C. Gupta and Dhiresh Adhvaru      Pages: 48-54
7 An Estimator for Variance of a Normal Population when Prior Information on the Mean is Available
Author: S.R. Srivastava and D.C. Singh      Pages: 55-64
8 On Unbiased Product-Type Estimators
Author: Arijit Chaudhuri and Raghunath Arnab      Pages: 65-70
9 A New Fixed Size Sampling Procedure with Unequal Probabilities of Selection
Author: M.N. Deshpande      Pages: 71-75
10 A Note on Minimum Variance Linear Unbiased Estimators in Multistage Sampling Design on Successive Occasions
Author: C.L. Agarwal and B.D. Tikkiwal      Pages: 76-86
11 A Note on Mixture Designs Derived from Factorials
Author: M.S. Ramachandra Murthy and J.S. Murty      Pages: 88-93
12 A Note on Construction of Some Symmetrical PBIB Designs with Dual Property
Author: S.K.H. Rizwi      Pages: 94-99
13 Symposium on 'Alternative Sources of Energy Measurement of Efficiency'
Author: Prof P.V. Sukhatme and Sh. S.K. Raheja      Pages: 100-112
14 Announcement 'Teaching Statistics in School Throughout the World'
Author: Ed.V. Barnett      Pages: 2
15 Hindi Supplement Vol 34 (02)
Author:       Pages: 6