Journal Volume: 33      No.: 3     Year: 1981
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1 On Estimation of Variance in Normal Distribution
Author: B.N. Pandey      Pages: 1-6
2 An Analysis of Ordered Observations in Block Designs
Author: S.C. Rai      Pages: 7-14
3 A Thurstone-Type Model for Paired Comparisons with Unequal Numbers of Repetitions-I
Author: G. Sadasivan      Pages: 15-22
4 A Chemical Balance Weighing Design
Author: Meena N. Swamy      Pages: 23-28
5 An Application of Analysis of Covariance Technique in Mating Design
Author: R.C. Hasija and K.C. George      Pages: 29-42
6 Sampling from Fleeces for Assessment of Wool Quality
Author: B. Marutiram, U.G. Nadkarni and T.B. Jain      Pages: 43-56
7 A Statistical Study on Buffer-Stock Policy
Author: Hakim Singh and S.D. Bokil      Pages: 57-68
8 Inequalities in Consumption Pattern of Milk and Milk Products in Muzaffarnagar (Uttar Pradesh)
Author: Bhupal Singh and R.K. Patel      Pages: 69-80
9 Crop Pests, Diseases and Losses - A Discussion
Author: D. Singh and R.K. Khosla      Pages: 81-91
10 A Note on Qualitative-Cum-Quantitative Designs
Author: Basant Lal and P.N. Bhargava      Pages: 92-95
11 Abstracts of Papers
Author:       Pages: 96-133
12 News and Notes Vol 33 (03)
Author:       Pages: 1
13 Hindi Supplement Vol 33 (03)
Author:       Pages: 6