Journal Volume: 32      No.: 3     Year: 1980
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1 Agricultural Statistics and National Income Estimates
Author: K.C. Seal      Pages: 10-39
2 Improved tests of Exponentiality in Single-and Multi-Sample Situations
Author: M. L. Tiku and M.V. Tamhankar      Pages: 40-50
3 A Quick Non-Parametric Two-Sample test for Comparing Variances
Author: Vishnu Dayal Jha      Pages: 51-61
4 Some Results on Size in a Mixed Model using Two Preliminary Tests of Significance
Author: C.K.M. Rao and K. P. Saxena      Pages: 62-70
5 Use of Multivariate Auxiliary Information in Selection of Units in Probability Proportional to Size with Replacement Sampling
Author: S.K. Agarwal and M. Singh      Pages: 71-81
6 Effect of Non-Normality on Response to Selection in Large Populations
Author: M. Gopinath Rao and J.P. Jain      Pages: 82-94
7 The Genetic Improvement in Poultry through Crossbreeding Desi with Rhode Island Red. The use of Discriminant Function in non Orthogonal Factorial Experiment
Author: S.C. Agarwal and Jitendra Kumar      Pages: 95-100
8 Demand for Borrowing on Irrigated Small Farms under Traditional and Modern Technology-A Case Study in Hoogly District of West Bengal
Author: A.K. Ray and C.C. Maji      Pages: 101-110
9 Factors Contributing to Regional Variations in Productivity and Adoption of High Yielding Varieties of Major Cereals in India
Author: S.K. Raheja, P.C. Mehrotra and A.K. Banerjee      Pages: 111-120
10 A Note on Ties in Standard Pairs in Fractional Paired Comparisons
Author: S.C. Rai      Pages: 121-128
11 A Note on the Construction of Neighbour Designs
Author: C. Ramankutty Nair      Pages: 129-132
12 Abstracts of Papers presented at 34th Annual Conference
Author:       Pages: 133-168
13 Hindi Supplement Vol 32 (03)
Author:       Pages: 8