Journal Volume: 32      No.: 2     Year: 1980
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1 On Generalized Sequential Estimators
Author: Fauran Singh and Daroga Singh      Pages: 1-5
2 An Alternative Multivariate Product Estimator
Author: Ashok Sahai, Ram Chander and Ashok Kumar Mathur      Pages: 6-12
3 Use of Certain type of Multi-Auxiliary Information for Increasing the Efficiency of Cluster Sampling with Ratio and Regression Estimators
Author: S.K. Agarwal and B.B.P.S Goel      Pages: 13-18
4 Recurrence Relations for the Moments of Order Statistics for Discrete Distributions
Author: Vishnu Dayal Jha      Pages: 19-24
5 Use of Ranks in Groups of Experiments
Author: S.C. Rai and P.P. Rao      Pages: 25-32
6 Construction of PBIB Designs from Families of Difference Sets
Author: C. Ramankutty Nair      Pages: 33-40
7 Statistical Evaluation of Agricultural Field Experiments
Author: S.N. Bajpai and A.K. Nigam      Pages: 41-51
8 On Estimation of Price Spread
Author: Padam Singh and Surinder Kaur      Pages: 52-67
9 A Note on BIB Designs
Author: D.V.S. Sastry and S. Porwal      Pages: 68-69
10 Comparison of Estimators of number of Cashew Trees
Author: S.B. Agarwal, B.B.P.S. Goel and S.S. Pillai      Pages: 70-78
11 Symposium on 'Status of Statistics of Inland Fisheries and their Development in India'
Author: Dr. A.V. Natarajan, Shri K.K. Ghosh and Dr. A.K. Srivastava      Pages: 79-88
12 Hindi Supplement Vol 32 (02)
Author:       Pages: 8