Journal Volume: 31      No.: 3     Year: 1979
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1 A Methodology for Prognosticating Crop Yields with special reference to Fertilizer Use - Refinements of the Mitscherlich Approach
Author: R.C. Agrawal      Pages: 24-35
2 Parent Offspring Correlations under Half-Sib Mating System
Author: K.C. George      Pages: 36-44
3 On Estimating the Mean of Symmetrical Populations
Author: Ashok Sahai and S.K. Ray      Pages: 45-48
4 A Note on Bayes Estimators and Robustness of Lognormal Parameters
Author: S.K. Sinha      Pages: 49-53
5 A Note on the Distribution of the Order Statistics of the Ratios of Order Statistics when the Sample Size is Random
Author: Vishnu Dayal Jha      Pages: 54-58
6 A Note on an Index of Utility of Mixed Cropping and Allocation of such Areas under Separate Crops
Author: D.N. Lal      Pages: 59-64
7 A Note on the Study of the Experimental Errors in Groups of Agricultural Field Experiments Conducted in Different Years
Author: R.K. Khosla, P.P. Rao and M.N. Das      Pages: 65-68
8 Abstracts of Papers presented at the 33rd Annual Conference
Author:       Pages: 69-104
9 Hindi Supplement Vol 31 (03)
Author:       Pages: 10