Journal Volume: 31      No.: 2     Year: 1979
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1 On Stratification in Sampling Investigation Involving more than One Character
Author: P.C. Gupta and G.R. Seth      Pages: 1-15
2 A Comparison among Some Sampling Strategies under a Model
Author: Arijit Chaudhuri      Pages: 16-23
3 Simultaneous Estimation By Partial Totals For Compartmental Models
Author: Umed Singh      Pages: 24-31
4 Assigning a Population to one of the Clusters of Homogeneous P-Variate Populations
Author: O.P. Bagai      Pages: 32-39
5 On Tests and Estimators in Two-Way Data
Author: A.P. Gore      Pages: 40-49
6 An Algorithm for the Choice of Optimal Response Surface Designs
Author: M. Singh, A. Dey and R.K. Mitra      Pages: 50-54
7 Biometric Analysis of an Exponential Kinetic Model of Disinfection
Author: N. Sundararaj      Pages: 55-62
8 A Further Study on the use of Population Generation Matrix in Dairy Herds
Author: J. P. Jain and Prem Narain      Pages: 63-79
9 A Note on Balanced n-ary Designs
Author: P.U. Surendran and K. L. Sunny      Pages: 80-82
10 A Note on Unequal Probability Sampling
Author: C.L. Agarwal      Pages: 83-85
11 Symposium on ' Inventory and Storage Problems in Food-Grains and other Agricultural Products'
Author: Dr. R.D. Narain, Shri S. D. Bokil      Pages: 86-93
12 Symposium on 'Assessment of Cross Breeding Programmes'
Author: Df. N S. Randhawa, Dr. Prem Narain      Pages: 94-108
13 Review of the Activities of the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics
Author:       Pages: 109-112
14 On Fitting of the Generalized Logarithmic Series Distribution
Author: P.N. Jani and S.M. Shah      Pages: 1-10
15 Two-Variate Ratio type Estimators in Double Sampling for Two Stage Designs
Author: S.B. Agarwal, S.S. Pillai and B.B.P.S. Goel      Pages: 11-23