Journal Volume: 30      No.: 2     Year: 1978
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1 International Agricultural Statistics Some Aspects of its Growth, Problems and Prospects
Author: R.D. Narain      Pages: 1-18
2 The Economics of Agricultural Research and Development
Author: A.S. Kahlon      Pages: 19-32
3 Unbiased Ratio type Estimation in Simple Random Sampling from Stratified Populations
Author: I. P. David and B.V. Sukhatme      Pages: 33-48
4 Double Sampling on Successive Occasions using a Two-Stage Design
Author: O.P. Kathuria      Pages: 49-64
5 A Sampling Scheme with Varying Probabilities without Replacement
Author: Padam Singh and R. Singh      Pages: 65-70
6 On Some Quadratic and Higher Degree Ratio and Product Estimators
Author:       Pages: 71-80
7 An Approach for Estimating Changes in Dynamic Populations
Author: J.P. Jain and M. Rajagopaian      Pages: 81-90
8 A Pre-Test Shrinkage Estimator of Mean of a Normal Population
Author: M. Pandey and J. Singh      Pages: 91-98
9 An Alternative Approach for Interpretation of Data Collected from Groups of Experiments
Author: S. Rawlo and M.N. Das      Pages: 99-110
10 Influence of Moist Days on Crop Produc
Author:       Pages: 112-118
11 On the Functions of Order Statistics for Random Sample Size
Author: Vishnu Dayal Jha      Pages: 119-124
12 A Note on Modified Ratio Estimator using Transformation
Author: Miss S.P. Kulkarni      Pages: 125-128
13 Book Review Vol 30 (02)
Author:       Pages: 129-130
14 Abstracts of Papers presented Vol 30 (02)
Author:       Pages: 131-162
15 Hindi Supplement Vol 30 (02)
Author:       Pages: 6