Journal Volume: 30      No.: 1     Year: 1978
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1 Statistical Design of Agricultural Experiments
Author: J.N. Srivastava      Pages: 1-10
2 Toward A Theory of Optimum Land Reform for A Dualistic Agriculture
Author: Raj Krishna      Pages: 11-34
3 On the Choice of Sample-Size for a Horvitz Thompson Estimator
Author: Aruit Chaudhuri      Pages: 35-42
4 Combinatorial Results in Fluctuation Theory
Author: Jagdish Saran and Kanwar Sen      Pages: 43-56
5 Inference in Stochastic Compartment Models
Author: Umed Singh      Pages: 58-69
6 Stochastic Models for Structure of Dairy Female Population
Author: J.P. Jain      Pages: 70-81
7 Studies in Systematic Sampling for Two Dimensional Finite Population with special reference to Survey for Crop Estimation of Guavas
Author: A.H. Manwani and K.B. Singh      Pages: 82-93
8 A Class of Optimal Designs for Cultivators' Field Trials
Author: R.P. Singh and A.K. Nigam      Pages: 94-100
9 A Note on Optimum Weights in Multivariate Ratio, Product and Regression Estimators
Author: T.P. Tripathi      Pages: 101-109
10 A New Sampling Procedure with Varying Probabilities
Author: M.N. Deshpande      Pages: 110-114
11 A Note on Modified Unbiased Ratio-Type Estimator
Author: S.M. Shah and Dhiresh Adhvaryu      Pages: 115-119
12 A Note on Prediction in the case of Finite Populations
Author: K.C. Gautam and Padam Singh      Pages: 120-126
13 Use of Transformation in PPS Sampling
Author: S. Mohanty      Pages: 127-132
14 Symposium on "Assessment of Livestock Development Programmes in relation to Small and Marginal Farmers"
Author: Dr. Y. Prasad, Shri P.C. Kurian      Pages: 133-160
15 Abstracts of Papers presented
Author:       Pages: 161-180
16 Review of the Activities of Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics
Author:       Pages: 181-183
17 News and Notes 1978
Author:       Pages: 1
18 Hindi Supplement Vol 30 (01)
Author:       Pages: 7