Journal Volume: 28      No.: 2     Year: 1976
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1 Estimation of Response Variances from Interview-Reinterview Surveys
Author: G.E. Battese, W.A. Fuller and R.D. Hickman      Pages: 1-14
2 On the Estimation of the Exponential Lower Bound when an Outlier may be Present
Author: S.K. Sinha      Pages: 15-18
3 Regression Estimator after a Preliminary Test of Significance for Correlation Coefficient
Author: S.S. Alam      Pages: 19-26
4 On Analysis of Decay-type Data
Author: Umed Singh      Pages: 27-36
5 Multivariate Analogues of Multiple Comparisons Methods
Author: O.P. Bagai      Pages: 37-56
6 A Class of Change-Over Designs Balanced for First Residual Effects
Author: A. Dey and G. Balachandran      Pages: 57-64
7 Confounding Diallel Experiments-Ii
Author: K.R. Aggarwal      Pages: 65-74
8 Measurement of Aggregate Output: Case for a Moving Weight Index for India
Author: Sudhin Kumar Mukhopadhyay      Pages: 75-82
9 A Note on General Double Sampling Schemes for Multivariate Product Method of Estimation
Author: S.K P. Slnha      Pages: 83-90
10 A Note on the Construction of Asymmetrical Rotatable Designs with Blocks
Author: Ananta Deb Das      Pages: 91-96
11 A Note on the use of Coefficient of Variation in Estimating Mean
Author: L.N. Upadhyaya and S.R. Srivastava       Pages: 97-99
12 Hindi Supplement Vol 28 (02)
Author:       Pages: 6