Journal Volume: 28      No.: 1     Year: 1976
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1 A Historical Perspective of the Recent Developments in the Theory of Sampling from Actual Populations
Author: V.P. Godambe      Pages: 1-12
2 Moments of Record Statistics
Author: A. Nagabhushanam and M.L. Aggarwal      Pages: 13-22
3 A Method for obtaining Initial Estimates for Fitting Linear Combinations of Exponentials
Author: Umed Singh      Pages: 23-32
4 On Double Sampling for Multivariate Ratio and Difference Methods of Estimation
Author: T.P. Tripathi      Pages: 33-54
5 On Repeat Surveys in Two-Stage Sampling Design
Author: D. Singh, Shivtar Singh and A. K. Srivastava      Pages: 55-70
6 Multivariate Unbiased Ratio-Type Estimation in Finite Population
Author: V. Ramachandran and S.S. Pillai      Pages: 71-80
7 On the Orthogonal Mates of Some F-Squares
Author: H.C. Agrawal and S.L. Singla      Pages: 81-88
8 A Model for Rank Analysis in Triad Comparisons
Author: S.C. Rai      Pages: 89-98
9 An Efficient Estimator of Mean when Population Variance is Known
Author: L.N. Upadhyaya and S.R. Srivastava      Pages: 99-12
10 Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics (Vol.28.01)
Author:       Pages: 113-118
11 Hindi Supplement Vol (28) issue (01)
Author:       Pages: 5