Journal Volume: 27      No.: 1     Year: 1975
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1 Inaugural Address
Author: N.N. Kashyap      Pages: 1-4
2 Modified Latin Square type PBIB Designs
Author: K. R. Aggarwal      Pages: 49-54
3 Ratio-type Estimators in Double Sampling for Two-Stage Designs
Author: R.C. Garg and S.S. Pillai      Pages: 37-48
4 Design of Experiments for Estimation of ....Crop Yields due to their Bee-Pollination
Author: G.B. Deodikar      Pages: 25-36
5 Household and Unorganized Activity in the Rural Economy?Challenge for Growth and Transformation
Author: Tarlok Singh      Pages: 7-24
6 Review of the Activities of the Bisidian Society of Agricultural Statistics for The Year 1973-74
Author:       Pages: 95-102
7 On the Non-Existence of Second and Higher Order Necessary Best Estimators
Author: A. K. Yogi and P. C. Gupta      Pages: 55-70
8 Symposium on 'Recent Developments in Sample Survey Techniques'
Author: M. S. Avadhahi      Pages: 71-82
9 Symposium on 'Recent Developments in Statistical Genetics in relation to Plant and Animal Breeding'
Author: Prem Narain      Pages: 83-94
10 Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics
Author: ISAS      Pages: 5
11 Abstracts of Papers presented
Author: ISAS      Pages: 103-128