Journal Volume: 26      No.: 2     Year: 1974
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1 On Construction of Group Divisible and Rectangular Designs
Author: A. Dey, C K. Midha and H. T. Trivedi      Pages: 14-18
2 On the use of Coefficient of Variation in Estimating Mean
Author: V.K. Srivastava      Pages: 33-36
Author: K. R. Aggarwal      Pages: 3-13
4 A Study of Non-Response in Successive Sampling
Author: D. Singh, R. Singh and Padam Singh      Pages: 37-41
5 Response Surface Designs for Conduct of Agricultural Experimentation
Author: B.S. Gill and M.N. Das      Pages: 19-32
6 A Note on Construction of Triangular PBIB Design with Parameters v= 21, b = 35, r = 10, k = 6, = 2, = 3
Author: A.K. Nigam      Pages: 45-47
7 A Note on the Three-Way Balanced Designs
Author: Prakash Narayan and Gauri Shankar      Pages: 42-44
8 Construction of Balanced n-Ary Block Designs and Partially Balanced Arrays
Author: A,K. Nigam      Pages: 48-56
9 On the Choice of a Growth Curve for Indian Major Carps-Von Bertalanffy or Gompertz ?
Author: K.K. Ghosh      Pages: 57-70
10 The use of Population Generation Matrix in Dairy Herds
Author: J.P. Jain and Prem Narain      Pages: 71-92
11 Announcements
Author:       Pages: 1
12 Hindi Supplement
Author: ISAS      Pages: 4