Journal Volume: 25      No.: 2     Year: 1973
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1 Malnutrition in India
Author: P.V. Sukhatme      Pages: 1-16
2 Transformations for Mixtures of Distributions
Author: G. Sadasivan      Pages: 17-37
3 A Study of Co-efficient of Variation Associated with Plots and Blocks of Different Sizes for Some Important Field Crops
Author: B.N. Tyagi. O.P. Kathuria, M.L. Sahni and G.A. Kulkarni      Pages: 38-48
4 A Note on the Small Sample Theory of the Ratio Estimator in Certain Specified Populations
Author: R.P. Chakrabarty      Pages: 49-57
5 Study on the Trends in Yield of Rice and Wheat in India during the First Three Five Year Plans
Author: Ravindra Saxena and M.G. Sardana      Pages: 58-66
6 Generating Function of Modified Branching Process
Author: U.G. Nadkarni      Pages: 67-76
7 On the Utilization of Stochastic A Priori Information in Estimation
Author: P.C. Saxena      Pages: 77-80
8 Multipurpose Surveys on Successive Occasions
Author: D. Singh and R. Singh      Pages: 81-90
9 Further Second Order Rotatable Designs
Author: A. Dey and A.C. Kulshreshtha      Pages: 91-96
10 Four-Level Second Order Rotatable Designs from Partially Balanced Arrays
Author: G.M Saha and A.R. Das      Pages: 6