Journal Volume: 24      No.: 2     Year: 1972
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1 Construction and Analysis of Confounded Asymmetrical Factorial Designs with Some Factors Having Levels Equal to Prime Power
Author: S. Ray      Pages: 35-38
2 On Determination of Yardsticks of Additional Production
Author: C. R. Leelavathi and T. P. Abraham      Pages: 19-34
3 On the Inbetween Modification of Size Measure in PPSWR Sampling
Author: Ravindra Singh and J.P. Gupta      Pages: 49-54
4 Method of Group Differences for the Construction of Three Associate Cyclic-Designs
Author: Basudev Adhikary      Pages: 1-18
5 Analysis of Truncated Factorial Experiments
Author: A. K. Mishra & B. S. Gill      Pages: 39-48
6 Efficiency of Stratification in Livestock Surveys
Author: R.C. Garg and V.V.R. Murty      Pages: 55-64
7 Some Equilibrium Conditions For Genetic Populations
Author: Ranajit Chakraborty      Pages: 75-80
8 On Partially Balanced Change Over Designs
Author: G.M. Saha ,      Pages: 65-74
9 A Note on Optimum Stratification
Author: B. V. Sukhatme      Pages: 91-98
10 Efficiency of Cluster Sampling in Conjunction with Ratio and Regression Methods of Estimation
Author: G.K. MISHRO AND B.V. SUKHATME      Pages: 81-90
11 Hindi Supplement (Magazine) 1972
Author:       Pages: 99-116
12 The Canadian Waterfowl Mail Surveys Design, Results and their Reliability
Author: A. R. Sen      Pages: 18