Journal Volume: 24      No.: 1     Year: 1972
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1 Opening Remarks
Author:       Pages: 1-4
2 Inaugural Address Vol 24 (01)
Author: G.S. Pathak      Pages: 5-8
3 Growth and Imbalances in Indian Agriculture
Author: Dharm Narain      Pages: 9-20
4 Can We Face A Widespread Drought again without Food Imports ?
Author: M.S. Swaminathan      Pages: 21-46
5 Measures of Uncertainty Mathematical Programming and Physics
Author: J.N. Kapur      Pages: 47-66
6 Yield Rates of and Profit Margin in Fertilizer use to High-Yielding Varieties in IADP Districts
Author: K.S. Krishnan and P.C. Mehrotra      Pages: 77-92
7 Study of Long-Term Feeding off Treatments on Cotton Applied to Fixed Rotation of Crops
Author: D. K. Dutta-Roy      Pages: 93-108
8 Farmer's Response to Price in Allocating Acreage to Jute in West Bengal
Author: Shyamal Roy      Pages: 111-118
9 Some Remarks on Chemical Balance Weighing Designs
Author: A. Dey      Pages: 119-126
10 Symposium on Fertilizer Demand
Author:       Pages: 127-142
11 Review of the Activities of the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics for the year 1970-71
Author:       Pages: 143-148
12 Abstracts of Papers Vol 24 (01)
Author:       Pages: 149-168
13 Hindi Supplement Vol 24 (01)
Author:       Pages: 14