Journal Volume: 23      No.: 2     Year: 1971
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1 Editorial Notes
Author: V.N. Amble, D. Singh, M.N. Das, Prem Narain      Pages: 1
2 requirements of statistical data for agricultural planning
Author: J. S. Sarma      Pages: 1-6
3 Invariant Tests of Discriminant Coefficients in Classification Problems
Author: N. Giri      Pages: 28-35
4 The use of Transition Probability Matrices in Studies on Limits of Response to Selection
Author: Prem Narain      Pages: 48-60
5 Efficiency of T-Statistics for Testing Two Normals Samples
Author: P.V. Krishna Iyer, B.N. Singh AND M.S. HollaJ      Pages: 36-47
Author: DJ. Finney      Pages: 7-27
7 On a Model for Rank Analysis in Fractional Paired Comparisons
Author: S. C. Rai      Pages: 61-68
8 Use of Transformation in Sampling
Author: S. Mohanty and M. N. Das      Pages: 83-87
9 Some Thoughts on the Foundations of Survey Sampling
Author: J. N. K. Rao      Pages: 69-82
10 The Canadian Waterfowl Mail Surveys?Design, Results and their Reliability
Author: A. R. Sen      Pages: 88-100
11 Relative Efficiencies of Some Alternative Procedures in Two-Stage Sampling on Successive Occasions
Author: O.P. Kathuria and D. Singh      Pages: 101-114
12 Determination of Optimum Strata Boundaries
Author: Ravindra Singh      Pages: 115-123
13 On the Comparision of Certain Classes of Balanced 28 Fractional Factorial Designs of Resolution V, with respect to the Trace Criterion
Author: J. N. Srivastva and D.V. Chopra      Pages: 124-131
14 Construction and analysis of Designs gx3square in six blocks
Author: P. R. Sreenath      Pages: 132-136
15 Linking of Bio-Assay Contrasts and Factorial Contrasts
Author: A. C. Kulshreshtha      Pages: 136-141
16 The Dynamics of Populations under Partial Inbreeding
Author: Gauri L. Ghai and Oscar Kempthorne      Pages: 142-151
17 Note on the Transformation of Variables in Simultaneous Equations Systems
Author: Gerhard Tintner and Gopal Kadekodi      Pages: 163-173
18 Asian statistical institute
Author: K. R. Nair and M.N. Murthy      Pages: 152-162
19 Price of Milk and Feed Cost as Factors Influencing Increased Milk Production
Author: K. C. Raut and T.Jacob      Pages: 174-180
20 Assessment of Mean Depth of Precipitation for a Catchment
Author: G. A. Kulkarni and G. P. Khatavkar      Pages: 181-185
21 Agricultural Census In India
Author: I.J Naidu, I.A.S      Pages: 186-191
22 Hindi Supplement
Author:       Pages: 13
23 Some Rethinking on Statistical Training and Research in India
Author: P.K. Bose      Pages: 11-24
24 Ranking in Fractional Triad Comparisons
Author: S.C. Rai      Pages: 52-61
25 On Construction of a Series of Balanced Incomplete Block Designs
Author: Basant Lal      Pages: 62-66
26 Inter-Censal Estimates of Livestock Numbers
Author: V.N. Amble and M.S. Avadhani      Pages: 67-83
27 Symposium on Model Sampling Experiments
Author:       Pages: 84-90
28 Review of the Activities of the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics for the year 1969-70
Author:       Pages: 116-119