Journal Volume: 22      No.: 2     Year: 1970
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1 On the Choice of a Unique Estimator for the Ikeda-Sen Sampling Procedure
Author: S.G. Prabhu-Ajgaonkar      Pages: 1-10
2 An Estimator using a Priori Value of the Parameter in Survey Sampling
Author: M. . Singh and A.S. Roy      Pages: 11-20
3 Analysis of Factorial Experiments by Breaking into Groups
Author: R.C. Jain and M.N. Das      Pages: 21-26
4 The Analysis of Groups of Experiments Involving Several Factors
Author: B.N. Tyagi, O. P. Kathuria and P. P. Rao      Pages: 27-42
5 Efficiency of Change Over Design in Animal Experimentations
Author: R.P. Goswami      Pages: 43-56
6 A Study on the Yield Rates of High Yielding Varieties of Major Cereal Crops
Author: M. S. Avadhani and V. N. Amble      Pages: 57-85
7 Trends in the Growth of Ovine other Livestock and Poultry Populations of India
Author: M.S. Avadhani and V.N. Amble      Pages: 86-94
8 Symposium on Crop, Weather and Water Relationship in Agricultural Production
Author:       Pages: 95-116
9 Hindi Supplement Vol 22 (02)
Author:       Pages: 7