Journal Volume: 20      No.: 2     Year: 1968
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1 Power Function of the Likelihood Ratio Test when Range Depends upon the Parameter
Author: M.C. Jaiswal and C.G. Khatri      Pages: 1-14
2 A Note on Sampling over Two Occasions
Author: J.N.K. Rao and Hisako Shimizugawa      Pages: 15-21
3 Discriminatory Techniques In Classing of Fleece
Author: U.G. Nadkarni      Pages: 22-28
4 A Study on Curvilinear Relationship of Yield as Product of Functions of Crop Characteristics Sugarcane
Author: A.N. Basu      Pages: 29-44
5 On Some Irregular Fractions of 2n Factorials
Author: A. Dey and G.M. Saha      Pages: 45-48
6 On Investigation of Isomorphism of Different Solutions of the B.I.B. Design (31, 31, 15, 15, 7)
Author: A.C. Kulshreshtha      Pages: 49-50
7 Symposium on Current Status of Fisheries Statistics
Author:       Pages: 51-95
8 Hindi Supplement Vol 20 (02)
Author:       Pages: 4