Journal Volume: 18      No.: 1     Year: 1966
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1 A Log-Normal Diffusion Process Applied to the Development of Indian Agriculture with some Considerations on Economic Policy
Author: G. Tintner and R. C. Patel      Pages: 36-44
2 Presidential Address
Author: Shri C. Subramaniani      Pages: 3-7
3 Population and Food Supply
Author: V.G.I Panse      Pages: 27-35
4 An Investigation on Functional Models for Fertilizer Response Surfaces
Author: T.P. Abraham and V.Y. Rao      Pages: 45-61
5 Principles and Problems of Agricultural Price Determination
Author: Prof. M.L. Dantwala      Pages: 8-26
6 On T2, and T3 Classes of Estimators in Sampling with Varying Probabilities and without Replacement
Author: B.D. Tikkiwal      Pages: 62-72
7 Loss of Heterozygosity in Populations under Mixed Random Mating and Selfing
Author: G.L. Ghai      Pages: 73-81
8 Modern Decision Theory
Author: G. Tintner      Pages: 82-98
9 An Extended Partial Geometry
Author: Damaraju Raghavarao      Pages: 99-107
10 Hindi Supplement
Author: ISAS      Pages: 6
11 Vol. 17 (02) 1965
Author:       Pages: 1