Journal Volume: 17      No.: 2     Year: 1965
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1 Estimation of Stalk-Borer Incidence in Sugarcane Crops
Author: R. S. Srivastava      Pages: 135-148
2 Psi-Squared Statistics for Markov Sequences and their Relative Efficiencies
Author: P. V. Krishna Iyer AND P. Samarasimhudu      Pages: 200-207
3 On Certain Methods of Construction of Confounded Asymmetrical Factorial Designs with Smaller number of Replications
Author: P. R. Sreenath      Pages: 166-188
4 Agricultural Statistics System in U.S.S.R.
Author: Daroga Singh      Pages: 149-165
5 Components of Continuous Variation in Presence of Epistasis and Genotype X Environment Interactions
Author: T. C. S. R. Sarma and Prem Narain      Pages: 182-198
6 On the Construction of Mutually Orthogonal Latin Squares of Non-Prime-Power Orders
Author: J. S. Murty      Pages: 224-229
7 On the Possible use of Component Analysis Technique in Pest and Disease Survey Data T.P. Abraham and R.K. Khosla
Author: T. P. Abraham and R. K. Khosla      Pages: 208-223
8 Review of the Activities of the Society for the Year 1963-64
Author: ISAS      Pages: 307-313
9 Growth of Crop Output in India 1951-54 to 1958-61 An Analysis by Component Elements
Author: B. S. Minhas and A. Vaidyanathan      Pages: 230-252
10 Symposium on Measurement of Agricultural Productivity
Author: J. S. Sarma      Pages: 253-306
11 Special Announcement No. 1
Author: ISAS      Pages: 9
12 Hindi Supplement
Author: ISAS      Pages: 16