Journal Volume: 16      No.: 2     Year: 1964
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1 A C-Sample Non-Parametric Test for Location in a Mixed Model of Continuous and Discrete Variables
Author: Shashikala Sukhatme      Pages: 202-211
2 On Stochastic Convergence of the Sample Extreme Values from Distributions with Infinite Extremities
Author: P. k. Sen      Pages: 189-201
3 Unbiased Ratio and Regression Estimators in Multi-Stage Sampling
Author: J. N. K. Rao      Pages: 175-188
4 On Circular Design with 3 and 4 Plot Blocks
Author: A. S. Chopra and M. N. Das      Pages: 212-237
5 Symposium on Long-Term Projections of Supply and Demand in Agriculture
Author: Dr. S. R. Sen      Pages: 138-295
6 On Sampling with Probability Proportionate to Aggregate Size
Author: Des Raj      Pages: 317-319
7 Combined Analysis of Incomplete Block Designs
Author: S. S. Swaminathan      Pages: 298-303
8 A Laguerre Product Series Expansion of the Distribution of Variance-Ratios in Two-Way Classification
Author: M. L. Tiku      Pages: 304-316
9 Hindi Supplement
Author:       Pages: 7
10 Special Annpuncetnent No. 1 Vol (64)
11 Vol. 16 (01) 1964
Author:       Pages: 1