Journal Volume: 15      No.: 1-2     Year: 1963
S.No Title Abstract Download
1 Journal of the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics
Author:       Pages: 1-4
2 Inaugural Address
Author:       Pages: 7-12
3 Welcome Speech
Author:       Pages: 5-7
4 Population on the Land in the 1961 Census of Population
Author: Asok Mitra      Pages: 13-81
5 Symposium on "Current Status of Agricultural Statistics and Tasks Ahead"
Author:       Pages: 82-150
6 Plot Size Again
Author: V. G. Panse      Pages: 151-159
7 Investigations on the Optimum Pre-experimental Period in Field Experimentation on Perennial Crops
Author: T. P. Abraham and G. A. Kulkarni      Pages: 175-184
8 On Some General Properties Of The 'Minimum Recommended Rate' In Fertilizer Application
Author: P. N. Saxena      Pages: 160-174
9 Distribution of Sugarcane Clumps with regard to Tiller Number and its Transformation for Analysis of Variance
Author: R. S. Srivastava      Pages: 185-193
10 Asymptotic Relative Efficiencies of Certain Test Criteria based on First and Second Differences
Author: A. R. Kamat      Pages: 213-222
11 Simultaneous Tests of Linear Hypotheses and Confidence Interval Estimation
Author: M. C. Veema and M. N. Ghosh      Pages: 194-212
12 A Laguerre Product Series Approximation to One-Way Classification Variance Ratio Distribution
Author: M. L. Tiku      Pages: 223-231
13 On Consistency and Asymptotic Efficiency of Maximum Likelihood Estimates
Author: S. A. D. C. Doss      Pages: 232-241
14 Fifteenth Anual Report, 1961-62
Author: ISAS      Pages: 245-251
15 Abstracts of Papers presented Part-I
Author: ISAS      Pages: 267-280
16 Special Announcement No. 1 Vol (15)
Author: ISAS      Pages: 8
17 Abstracts of Papers presented Part -II
Author: ISAS      Pages: 252-266
18 Hindi Supplement
Author: ISAS      Pages: 24