Journal Volume: 1      No.: 2     Year: 1948
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1 On a Method of Estimating Nutrient Requirements in Metabolism Studies on Animals
Author: P.V. Sukhatme, S.S. Prabhu and V.N. Amble      Pages: 117-136
2 A New Approach to Sampling Distributions of the Multivariate Normal Theory - Part II
Author: R.D. Narain      Pages: 137-146
3 The Estimation of Missing Plot Value in Split-plot and Strip Trials
Author: S.A. Khargaonkar      Pages: 147-161
While agricultural experimenters are familiar with formulae for estimating missing plot yields in simple randomised block and,Latin square layouts (Allan and Wishart, 1930; Yates, 1933; Hutchinson and Panse, 1937), no attempt seems to have been made so far to obtain formulae for the missing sub-plot value in split plot and strip designs which are in common use in-modern field experimental work. The object of the present paper is to present appropriate formulas for calculating missing values in such trials
4 Certain Symmetrical Properties of Unbiased Estimates of Variance and Covariance
Author: K.R. Nair      Pages: 160-172
5 The Theory of Probability Distributions of Points on a Line
Author: P.V. Krishna Iyer       Pages: 173-195
6 Hindi Equivalents of Statistical Terms
Author: D. Raghu Vira and Ram Gopal      Pages: 196-249
7 Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics - First Annual Report 1947-48
Author:       Pages: 250-264
8 Hindi Supplement Vol 1 (02)
Author:       Pages: 23